About D-TACS

In 2016, Marco Bakker and Thijs van Baar launched an independent “testing and commissioning” company. As we saw in the market, the testing and control of the installations, was done by the installing contractor itself. In our view it is not possible to be one day busy with the construction and to bring out the next day an independent judgment on the appeal. This creates the idea that the butcher accepts “his own flesh.” Marco has experienced that he had to recompose a commissioning team for each project. The scripts and protocols were every time redesigned. After thorough research, he could not find the independent company which has standardized this work, and could go perform for him. The next logical thought was, ‘I’m self-erecting this company’. This idea has materialized with Thijs under the name D-TACS.

Target audience

We focus on critical installations which, when they are not function properly, care for a large operational and / or financial risk. The next Industries have our full attention:
  • Data centers
  • Tunnels
  • Hospitals
  • Railway Systems
  • Pharma industry
  • Petrochemical industry


We are currently working, to certify us for ISO 9001. And as a Certified Commissioning Authority CxA.
De Veken 207 C11
+31 6 53 20 88 64 (Marco)
+31 6 55 11 83 65 (Thijs)
KvK 67492487