Commissioning secures your investment

D-TACS is the first and largest independent commissioning company in the Netherlands. Our experienced commissioning specialists work with tremendous passion on projects within data centers, utilities, hospitals, aviation, the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, infrastructure projects, offices and residential construction.

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Commissioning (Cx) delivers value

With our professional commissioning approach, we offer our clients assurance that the performance requirements for a building, or facility, are met upon completion. Investing in quality control and performance assurance has the following benefits:

The D-TACS team is there for all industries and has experience with the most critical and challenging projects. You can engage us for commissioning of an entire building or of separate installations in different phases of a project. In this, we provide Commissioning Management Services in which we oversee the entire Cx process, as well as Cx Engineers who can assist you on partial projects. Are you interested in commissioning by D-TACS? We are happy to take the time for an informal discussion.

Wat is commissioning?
Wat levert commissioning op?​

Independent commissioning as a core business

Commissioning is not an afterthought for us, but we do nothing else. This guarantees our independence and in this we are unique in the Netherlands. Our overall focus is on making the process of commissioning as efficient and effective as possible.

We have broad knowledge related to commissioning and the underlying fields and have extensive experience with diverse and challenging projects. In doing so, we work with the latest technologies and develop our own methods and tools. This allows us to work more effectively and verify that the values and objectives set forth in drawings and contracts are actually being achieved. We record the operation, performance, safety and reliability of the delivery in a commissioning file.

Commissioning provides a safe and orderly “hand-over” of the overall plant from the construction process. All parties involved know exactly where they stand and are alerted to potential defects and miscommunications in a timely manner.

Commissioning in the structural and effective manner of D-TACS sets a standard (blueprint) for the overall cost, schedule, safety and quality of a project.

We would be happy to tell you more about how we work during a no-obligation consultation.

Our markets

D-TACS focuses on critical installations which, when not functioning properly, create a major operational and/or financial risk. The following subject areas have our full attention:

Data Centers

utiliteit gebouwen




Pharmaceutical industry

Petrochemical industry


Cx with passion

At D-TACS, we understand the importance of independent commissioning. Our work contributes to the continuity of processes and the avoidance of waste, as retrospective adjustments and additional deliveries are unnecessary. The enthusiasm about this is something we have in common as a team and this provides our drive and motivation to deliver the best quality in commissioning every day. We work quickly, through standardization and short lines of communication. Our commissioners are highly qualified, experienced, with no 9-5 mentality and go for 100% satisfaction.

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