About us

D-TACS believes in the value of independent commissioning to assist companies with quality assurance and performance improvements of mission-critical assets. In doing so, we directly contribute to a better environment, a pleasant working environment and an optimal return on your assets. This is our story.

The highest standard in commissioning

D-TACS was founded by Marco Bakker and Thijs van Baar: both experienced entrepreneurs who came into contact with commissioning from various disciplines. They saw the challenges in the daily practice of project management and delivery and how the enormous benefits of commissioning for entrepreneurs and society, offered a way out. 

Commissioning is a tool for efficiency and damage prevention through a safe and orderly hand-over of the total plant from the building/construction phase to the operational and maintenance phase. Basically, it should be independent of the client and the contractor. When Thijs and Marco saw that there was not yet an independent commissioning party in the Netherlands, they decided to make it happen themselves, together with the very best professionals in the industry.

With a team of in-house Cx staff and Cx freelance consultants, D-TACS helps both clients and contractors deliver great projects.
The growth in demand for independent commissioning and the government taking it as a condition and enshrining it in laws and processes confirms the importance and future prospects of D-TACS.

De hoogste standaard in commissioning

D-TACS takes social responsibility

We see it as our job to provide and raise the highest standard in commissioning, but our responsibility extends beyond our own company. We are making efforts to create standards and to make the importance of independent commissioning commonplace.
D-TACS is therefore closely involved with the TVVL and the Dutch Building Commissioning Association (DBCA), among others.

Specialists of the highest level

The commissioners of D-TACS are an established group of committed and highly qualified professionals. Whether employed or self-employed representing D-TACS, they all have terrific experience and are industry heavyweights. In doing so, they are enthusiastic, driven and motivated, as is the case with our support staff.
All of our employees have current and accurate knowledge and skills, delivering the high standard of quality that D-TACS promises its customers. All commissioners have completed training at TVVL and are certified. Without them, no D-TACS

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