Value of commissioning

What does commissioning give you?

The value of commissioning is comprehensive. The quality of a building and installations is significantly improved so that they meet at least the predetermined standards. Comfort, performance, reliability and safety are as previously intended.

The benefits of commissioning:

Commissioning is not new, but an evolution of other methods. In the form of construction supervision and use cases, it has already proven its added value. In the future, it will be an integral part of the construction process, relied upon by both clients and contractors, increasingly as co-developers. Construction process testing should be independent and complementary.

Wat levert commissioning op?​

The importance of independent commissioning

The value of good clientship is also increasingly recognized in construction. Nevertheless, (communication) problems and tensions may arise. An independent commissioner can:

  • Ensure open and clear communication
  • record and monitor agreements
  • avoid conflict of interest
  • Indicate responsibility for correcting discrepancies
  • managing the cooperation
  • structurally secure quality

The government is also becoming increasingly aware that commissioning its own work is far from ideal. Did you know that in the “Environment Act and Building Quality Assurance Act” that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2022, the use of independent private quality assurance companies for construction is mandatory?