Register now for the March 30 Master Class : “What is the added value of Commissioning and Pre-Commissioning in maintenance?”

Thursday, March 30, 2023, we will give another master class on Commissioning in relation to maintenance. Marco Bakker, as Commissioning Authority at D-TACS, will explain what Commissioning is, and what the contribution therein is with respect to the maintenance of your installation. During this valuable Master Class, you will explore the added value of commissioning […]

Commissioning for technical installations rebuild headquarters Shell

Commissioned by Kuijpers, D-TACS is taking care of the Commissioning process of the technical installations in the refurbishment of Shell’s headquarters. The monumental building in The Hague is currently undergoing an extensive renovation. Kuijpers is responsible for all technical installations. On behalf of D-Tacs, Raymond Brands started to manage Commissioning of the installations. The large-scale […]

Wrong construction drawings lead to higher costs of rebuilding Afsluitdijk

Wrong construction plans led to a debacle in the rebuilding of the Afsluitdijk. By properly incorporating commissioning right from the design phase, one can help ensure that these types of setbacks do not have to occur. The expected cost increase is already €120 million for which the State is making a reservation. The money is […]


Increasingly, we see guidelines and legislation requiring an independent reviewer. So too in the new Breeam-NL New Construction 2020 guideline. This makes a clear statement regarding independent commissioning. And far from everyone is aware of that. In the chapter Management 04, commissioning and handover, it is now clearly defined that the recording and validation of […]